Tytrak® Semi-Compliant Coronary Balloon Catheter

The Tytrak® is a semi-compliant coronary balloon catheter developed with soft balloon materials, allowing for a lower crossing profile. The profile, lubricious coating and reinforced distal shaft of this well balanced catheter make it an excellent work-horse balloon.

Device Features

Semi-compliant balloon

Semi-compliant balloon catheter for the pre-dilatation of lesions prior to stent placement or as stand-alone treatment.

Flexible balloon material

New balloon material allows for a tighter balloon fold and lower crossing profile. These features allow for good deliverability in tortuous and tight lesions.

Lubricious hydrophilic coating

Hydrophilic coating (from guide wire exit port to tip) ensures lubricity for better device trackability in torturous anatomy or crossing a narrow stenosis.

Reinforced inner shaft

Triple-layer inner shaft allows for better trackability and pushability after multiple advances.  This reinforced inner shaft ensures well-balanced deliverability.

Compliance Chart

Product Specifications

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GB-20003-01  Rev. 00