SINOMED has international, professional and young employees and it is committed to build a world-class R&D, production, marketing and management team.

Working Environment

We are committed to create a safe, clean and comfortable working environment, and build a positive, warm and harmonious working atmosphere.

Talent Philosophy

Beginning with our mission, strategy and value, we believe that there are certain individuals that have a strong calling in following our company’s credo.

Within our talent philosophy, we aim to have competent, professional and managerial staff who have outstanding performance, learning agility, strong career ambition and self-motivation.


Talent Development

The company provides learning resources and development programs to help employees enhance self-growth and increase their professional value. We strive in helping our employees to achieve success in their career.

The rich learning resources include training for new employees orientation, on-the-job learning, general and professional skills, management/leadership skills, corporate culture and other systematic training courses.

The company has also established both vertical and horizontal career development paths. Employees are encouraged to make their own career development plans based on business needs and personal development wishes. At SINOMED, we want employees at the start of their career to flourish and mature employees to help us transform our workplace.

Compensation & Benefits

The company has been dedicated to providing competitive salaries and benefits, a diverse career development platform and improving the working environment.

Join Us

We are constantly looking for talented individuals who are up for a challenge and enjoy working in an innovative and dynamic environment.

If you are interested in joining SINOMED, send your resume to