SINOMED is a global company engaged in patient-focused medical innovations for interventional medicine. We offer pioneering solutions for treating coronary, neurovascular and structural heart disease. We strive to combine the ingenuity of people with the power of technology to achieve new victories against cardiovascular disease.

Established in 2007 by Dr. Jianhua Sun and headquartered in Tianjin, China, SINOMED stands as a leading specialist in the meticulous research, development, production, and distribution of state-of-the-art interventional medical devices. Operating from two flagship facilities within China, our Tianjin site is dedicated to combatting cardiovascular and structural heart diseases, while Neurovita, situated in Suzhou, focuses on advancing treatments for neurovascular strokes. With expansive facilities spanning a total of 30,000 m² and equipped with pristine 10,000 m² class 10,000 cleanrooms, SINOMED ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and technological sophistication. Additionally, our recent acquisition of a distinguished R&D company based in Fremont, California, USA, marks an exciting expansion of our capabilities. In 2019, SINOMED achieved another milestone by becoming a public company listed on the Shanghai SST Stock Exchange.

Throughout our illustrious 17-year journey, SINOMED has progressively broadened its global presence, strategically targeting pivotal markets across  Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the United States, and Japan.

At SINOMED, our mission is clear: to lead the global healthcare industry by delivering innovative medical devices that enhance patient well-being and support healthcare professionals in their essential work. Our core values of excellence, integrity, and collaboration serve as the guiding principles behind every aspect of our operations.

We are deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of quality across all facets of our business, from research and development to production and distribution. Through continuous innovation and investment in advanced technologies, we strive to provide medical solutions that positively impact lives worldwide.

Beyond achieving product excellence, we are dedicated to forging robust partnerships within the healthcare community. Our objective is to ensure that our devices are accessible to all, irrespective of geographical location or economic circumstance.

In essence, at SINOMED, we are not merely manufacturers of medical devices; we are pioneers of a new era of healthcare innovation, fueled by our unwavering passion for improving patient outcomes and contributing to the advancement of global health.

Tianjin Headquarter, SINOMED


The United States, ELUM


Through our efforts, we aim to expose more patients to the benefits of our medical innovations; increasing patient longevity and quality of life.


To become one of the global market leaders in providing valued medical devices in the fields in which we are active.