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SLEEK Prime™ PTCA Balloon Catheter

The special designed PTCA balloon catheter called SLEEK Prime could resist great pressure against difficult calcification lesions without compromising crossability. Its highest RBP among semi-compliant balloons with 64 available sizes maximizes dilatation in severe lesions.

Device Features

PTCA Balloon Catheter

The SLEEK Prime balloon catheter maximizes the advantage of dilatation in severe lesions without compromising crossability.

Highest RBP

Highest RBP among all the catheters suitable for any pre-dilatation environment, especially for severe and calcified lesions.

Great sizing flexibility

Due to high RBP&64 sizes available in a broad range.

Superb deliverability

Contributed by hydrophilic coating technology and ultra-soft tip design.

Smooth balloon shoulder design

Protecting vessel from injury

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