Drug-Eluting Coronary Stent System


The BuMA® Drug-Eluting Stent (DES) has an inert eG Coating™ and biodegradable PLGA drug carrier. Together, these two layers form a robust polymer with an elution kinetic that balances the reduction of hyperplasia with the return of a functional endothelium. This early functional healing could result in safer long-term results with the BuMA® DES.

Semi-Compliant Coronary Balloon Catheter


The Tytrak® is a semi-compliant coronary balloon catheter developed with soft balloon materials, allowing for a lower crossing profile.The profile, lubricious coating and reinforced distal shaft of this well balanced catheter make it an excellent work-horse balloon.

Non-Compliant Coronary Balloon Catheter

NC Thonic®

A robust non-compliant balloon with high the highest RBP on the market and excellent device stability at high pressures.These durable features, coupled with outstanding trackability, make the NC Thonic® a standout device in it’s class.

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SINOMED is a global company engaged in patient-focused medical innovations for interventional medicine. We offer pioneering solutions and high-quality products for treating coronary and neurovascular disease. We strive to combine the ingenuity of people with the power of technology to achieve new victories against cardiovascular disease.

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As part of our trust-commitment, we invest in clinical trials to ensure that our devices deliver the safety and efficacy that patients require. Our clinical program is designed to provide data for device approvals, gaining performance outcomes in a variety of clinical scenarios and finding new strategies for improving outcomes.

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